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Why Choose Ria Academy for Excel Training in Bangalore?

Are you looking to master the power of Excel? Ria Academy, a leading software training institute in Bangalore, brings you a comprehensive Excel Training Courses that caters to beginners and advanced users alike. At Ria Academy, we understand the power of Excel in today’s data-driven world. Our Excel training institute in Bangalore is designed to cater to beginners and advanced users alike, providing a structured learning path to transform you into an Excel expert

Our Features

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Experienced Trainers

Learn from industry experts with extensive experience in using Excel for diverse applications. Our trainers are committed to guiding you through every aspect of Excel proficiency
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Comprehensive Curriculum

Our Excel training covers everything from the basics to advanced features, ensuring you gain a solid understanding of spreadsheet
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Guaranted results

Our Commitment to Your Success.Where Guaranteed Results Meet Exceptional Learning
Azure devops Training in Bangalore

Advanced MS Excel Training in Bangalore

Elevate your skills with our advanced Excel training, diving into complex functions, data visualization, and automation to make you stand out in the competitive job market.

Placement Assistance

We not only provide top-notch training but also offer assistance in securing placements post-training.

Flexible Learning Options

Choose a schedule that suits you. Our Excel courses in Bangalore offer flexibility, allowing you to balance learning with your existing commitments.

Course Benefits

In-Depth Curriculum

Our Advanced Excel Training covers the entire spectrum, from basic concepts to advanced strategies.

Real-World Projects

Apply your knowledge to real-world scenarios through hands-on projects.


Receive a certificate upon completion, enhancing your credibility in the job market.

Frequently Asked Questions

: Is this course suitable for beginners with no prior Excel knowledge?

Absolutely! Our Excel training is designed for learners of all levels, including beginners. We start from the basics and gradually progress to advanced concepts.

What is the duration of the Excel training course?

The duration varies based on the level you choose. Our courses are designed to be flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace

Can I get hands-on experience with real-world Excel projects?

Yes, our training includes practical exercises and projects to ensure you can apply your skills to real-world scenarios

Are there any prerequisites for the Advanced MS Excel Training?

While basic Excel knowledge is beneficial, our advanced training is structured to accommodate learners with varying levels of proficiency

What sets Ria Academy apart from other Excel training institutes in Bangalore?

Our comprehensive curriculum, expert trainers, and flexible schedules distinguish us as a top choice for Excel training in Bangalore.

Student Reviews

Sarah B.

The Excel training at Ria Academy exceeded my expectations. The hands-on approach and patient instructors made learning complex Excel functions a breeze

Raj K

I enrolled in the advanced Excel course, and it significantly boosted my analytical skills. The practical projects were particularly helpful in applying what I learned.

Priya S

The location, convenience and quality of training at Ria Academy make it the best Excel training institute in Bangalore. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to master Excel

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Advanced Excel

Course Content

An advanced Excel course would delve deeper into the functionalities and features of Microsoft Excel that go beyond the basics

  • Overview of Excel’s Advanced Features
  • Importance of Advanced Excel in Data Analysis
  • Array Formulas
  • Lookup and Reference Functions: VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH
  • Date and Time Functions: DATE, TODAY, NETWORKDAYS, EDATE
  • Logical Functions: IF, AND, OR, NOT, NESTED IF, IFERROR
  • Setting up Data Validation Rules
  • Input Messages and Error Alerts
  • Applying Conditional Formatting Rules
  • Using Formulas with Conditional Formatting
  • Combination Charts
  • Sparklines and Data Bars
  • Trendlines and Error Bars
  • Interactive Charts using Form Controls
  • Creating and Modifying PivotTables
  • Grouping, Slicing, and Filtering Data
  • Calculated Fields and Items
  • Creating PivotCharts
  • Goal Seek and Scenario Manager
  • Data Tables for Sensitivity Analysis
  • Solver Add-in for Optimization Problems
  • Analysis ToolPak for Statistical Analysis
  • Sorting and Filtering Data
  • Advanced Filter for Complex Criteria
  • Removing Duplicates and Data Consolidation
  • Data Import and Export: Connecting to External Data Sources
  • Introduction to Macros and VBA
  • Recording and Running Macros
  • Editing and Debugging VBA Code
  • Creating User-Defined Functions
  • Designing Forms with Option Buttons, Check Boxes, and Combo Boxes
  • Creating Interactive Dashboards
  • Assigning Macros to Form Controls
  • Protecting Worksheets and Workbooks
  • Setting Permissions and Passwords
  • Protecting VBA Code
  • Introduction to Power Query and Power Pivot
  • Importing and Transforming Data with Power Query
  • Data Modeling with Power Pivot
  • Keyboard Shortcuts and Productivity Tips
  • Customizing the Excel Interface
  • Best Practices for Data Presentation and Reporting
  • Linking Excel with Word and PowerPoint
  • Using Excel with Power BI
  • Integration with Microsoft Access
  • Financial Modeling and Forecasting
  • Sales and Inventory Dashboards
  • Dynamic Reporting Templates
  • Keeping Updated with New Excel Features
  • Resources for Continuous Learning
  • Excel Certification Overview