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ETl testing - 1.5 months duration

Course Content


  1. Intro of ETL—————————————————————-
  • What is ETL and its Process
  • Why ETL ,Uses of ETL
  • How to do ETL
  1. OLAP/OLTP—————————————————————
  • What is OLAP?
  • What is OLTP?
  • Difference b/w OLAP /OLTP

3 . Advantage and Disadavantage of ETL———————————-

  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Recovery
  • Data quality
  • Data assurance
  • Cost/Effective


  1. Difference b/w ETL and ELT————————————————
  • why do we use ETL?
  • Why do we use ELT?


  1. Real time of ETL Workflow————————————————-
  • Data Pipeline creation from tool azure data factory
  • How extraction, transformation,load works in actual real world scenario


  1. ETL Validations flow———————————————————
  • Source to target count check
  • Target to source count check
  • Foldder check
  • File check
  • Data validation check
  • Data structuredcheck


  1. ETL testing vs Database testing——————————————–
  • What is the difference b/w etl testing and Database testing
  • Key value of those testings


  1. ETL Workflow process in and out—————————————–
  • what is STLC in ETL?
  • Requirement Analysis
  • test plan
  • test scenario
  • test cases
  • test execution
  • test completion report

9 . ETL tools , how to use it ETL Scenarios———————————

  • what is Azure data factory
  • How to monitor a Data pipeline
  • how data is moving from source to target?
  • Data transformation logic
  1. ETL transformation————————————————————
  • Data cleaning
  • Data Filtering
  • No Duplictaes
  • Insert
  • update
  1. Metadata checks——————————————————————
  • Data about Data
  • what is metadata in ETL
  • why it is used in ETL
  • where it is used in ETL
  • How to use in ETL
  1. Why Mapping Docs are used in ETL————————————
  2. What is Fact and Dimension———————————————-
  • What are types of fact
  • What are types of dimension
  1. Star schema———————————————————————
  • Fact
  • Dimension
  • Normalization
  • Denormalization
  1. Snowflake Schema———————————————————–
  • Fact
  • Dimension
  • Sub dimension
  • Normalization
  • Denormalization


  1. SCD types————————————————————————
  • what is scd 1and why it is used in ETL?
  • what is scd2 and why it is used in ETL?
  • what is scd3 and why it is used in ETL?
  1. What are types of loads present in ETL——————————–
  • what is full load
  • what is incremental load
  • what is full vs initial load
  • What is historical load
  • what is incremental vs delta load

Real time scenarios hands on

Interview question for pratice