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Beginner's German Language Course

This course is designed for individuals who are new to the German language. Participants will learn the basics of German grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation to enable them to communicate in common everyday situations.

Module 1: Introduction to German Language and Culture

  • Importance and benefits of learning German
  • Basic German pronunciation and phonetics
  • Greetings and common German expressions

Module 2: German Alphabet and Pronunciation

  • Introduction to the German alphabet
  • Pronunciation of German vowels and consonants
  • Practice exercises for correct pronunciation

Module 3: German Grammar Basics

  • Nouns, articles, and gender (der, die, das)
  • Singular and plural forms
  • Introduction to cases (nominative and accusative)

Module 4: Introduction to Verbs

  • Regular and irregular verbs
  • Present tense conjugation
  • Common verbs for daily activities

Module 5: Building Vocabulary

  • Common German words and phrases
  • Everyday objects and activities
  • Numbers, dates, and time expressions

Module 6: Basic Sentence Structure

  • Forming simple sentences in German
  • Word order in declarative and interrogative sentences
  • Negation and questions

Module 7: Expressing Likes, Dislikes, and Preferences

  • Vocabulary related to preferences
  • Using modal verbs (mögen, wollen, können)
  • Talking about hobbies and interests

Module 8: Everyday Conversations

  • Role-play exercises for common scenarios (e.g., ordering food, shopping, asking for directions)
  • Practical exercises in everyday conversation

Module 9: Introduction to German Culture and Customs

  • Cultural aspects and etiquette in Germany
  • Holidays and traditions

Module 10: Reading and Comprehension

  • Basic reading comprehension exercises
  • Simple texts and stories in German

Module 11: Writing in German

  • Writing short paragraphs and emails
  • Expressing opinions and ideas in writing

Module 12: Introduction to German Verb Tenses

  • Past tense (Präteritum) and present perfect (Perfekt)
  • Using time expressions to indicate past actions

Module 13: Expressing Future Actions

  • Talking about future plans and intentions
  • Using future tense (Futur I) and present tense for the future

Module 14: Cultural Topics and Practical Skills

  • Discussing German history and famous figures
  • Learning practical skills such as making reservations, renting accommodations, and using public transportation

Module 15: Interactive Conversations and Speaking Practice

  • Interactive discussions and group activities
  • Practical application of learned skills

Module 16: Mock Assessments and Progress Evaluation

  • Mock exams and assessments
  • Individual feedback and improvement suggestions

Course Conclusion and Certification

  • Final assessments
  • Course completion certificates