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Advanced MS Excel Training in Bangalore

Unleash the Power of Functions, Formulas, Charts, and More

Advanced MS Excel Training in BangaloreAdvance Your Career by Learning Sophisticated Excel Functionalities.

Get Advanced MS Excel training in Bangalore at Ria Institute and advance your skills. At Ria Institute, you will master essential Excel functions such as VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP, delve into Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), and explore the advanced features that Advanced MS Excel offers. The Advanced MS Excel training takes you from beginner to pro, covering every aspect of Excel, from creating and editing spreadsheets to utilizing complex formulas, charts, and pivot tables. The training at Ria Institute is hands on, ensuring that you can apply your learning to real-world scenarios. You will learn to manipulate data, create macros, and present reports effectively, fully utilizing the capabilities of Microsoft Excel. Experts with extensive work experience with Microsoft products teach a range of topics in the curriculum, including advanced formulas, data analysis, and Power Pivot.

Key Features of Advanced MS Excel Training in Bangalore

  • Advanced Formulas and Functions
    • Complex Formulas: Training often includes writing complex formulas that combine multiple functions.
    • Array Formulas: These are powerful tools that perform multiple calculations on one or more items in an array.
  • PivotTables and PivotCharts
    • Advanced PivotTable Techniques: Skills such as custom calculations, grouping data, and using slicers to filter data dynamically.
    • Data Analysis Expressions (DAX): Learning DAX for more advanced data manipulation within PivotTables.
  • Data Analysis Tools
    • Data Analysis Toolpak: Using statistical tools for complex data analysis including regression, correlation, and descriptive statistics.
    • Solver and What-If Analysis: Tools for performing optimization and forecasting tasks.
  • Macros and VBA
    • Recording and Writing Macros: Automating repetitive tasks through macros and learning to write VBA code to customize Excel functionality.
    • User-Defined Functions (UDFs): Creating custom functions using VBA to solve specific problems or perform unique calculations.
  • Data Visualization
    • Advanced Charting: Techniques for creating advanced charts, such as waterfall, Gantt, or thermometer charts.
    • Conditional Formatting: Using advanced conditional formatting to highlight data dynamically based on different criteria.
  • Data Management
    • Importing and Exporting Data: Skills in managing data flow between Excel and other applications.
    • Data Cleaning: Techniques for handling missing data, removing duplicates, and ensuring data consistency.
  • Security and Sharing
    • Protecting Workbooks: Understanding workbook protection, including protecting specific cells and formulas.
    • Collaboration Features: Using features like shared workbooks and Excel Online for collaborative work on spreadsheets.
  • Power Tools
    • Power Query: Using Power Query to import, clean, and transform data efficiently.
    • Power Pivot: Enhancing data analysis capabilities with Power Pivot, which allows for handling large data sets and creating complex models.
  • Advanced Integration
    • Integration with Other MS Office Tools: Techniques for integrating Excel with other Microsoft Office applications like Access and PowerPoint for enhanced reporting and presentation.
  • Customization and Optimization
    • Customizing the Excel Environment: Tailoring the Excel interface and environment to suit individual or organizational needs.
    • Performance Optimization: Techniques to enhance the performance of Excel workbooks, especially when dealing with large datasets.

Advanced MS Excel Training in Bangalore Course Curriculum

Advanced MS-EXCEL Training Module Details
Pivots and Pivot Graphs
  • Creating of Pivot Table
  • Using Summary function in Pivot Table
  • Pivot Table Calculations
  • Creating own formulas in Pivots
  • Grouping and Ungrouping in Pivot Tables
  • Creating Pivot Graph
  • Custom Filter on Pivot Table
  • Formatting Pivot table (Removing old data, grand total, subtotal …etc.)
Working on Objects
  • Inserting Objects
  • Inserting different files into Excel (like .doc, .pdf, .txt files)
  • Hyper linking to different sheets
  • Providing screen tips in hyper link
  • Hyperlink to send emails
  • Inserting symbols
  • Sending working file to an email
Data Management in Excel
  • Sorting: Rearranging of Data, Sorting by alphabets, numbers and time
  • Filtering Data: Using Auto filter option, Custom Filtering with different options, Advanced Filtering, Find Unique records using advanced filtering, Filter using operators AND/OR, Filter by color
  • Grouping and Outlining Data: Group and ungroup rows and columns, Auto outlining the data
  • Freezing and Unfreezing
  • Data Validation: Use Data Validation in Excel, Using Input Message in Data validation, Using error message in Data Validation
  • Removing duplicate records: Remove duplicate records in a spreadsheet, Customize to remove the duplicate values
  • Split Texts: Split texts to different columns, Remove special character from a string and split the string
  • Data Consolidation: Combining different spreadsheet using data consolidation, Using summary function in data consolidation
  • Conditional Formatting: Use of conditional formatting, Custom formatting
  • Copy Data: Use of format painter, Use of paste special, Strike through a value, Find and Replace
  • View Multiple Files: Arrange multiple windows to view in one time, Split big sheet into sub sheets for better analysis
  • Working on Tab: Hide/ Unhide a tab, Color a tab, Move /Copy the tab to another sheet/workbook
Advanced Functions
  • V-Lookup, H-Lookup, IF, ISERROR, Index Match, Rows, Columns, Match, Offset, Get Pivot Data, Date and Time Functions, Text Functions, Operators, Mathematical functions, Calculation options
  • Name Manager: Define a name to a range, Use of name manager, Using formulas in name manager, Editing name range
Data Connection from External Data
  • From access, From SQL, From Web, From ODBC
Customize your Excel view
  • Customize Excel view, Developer Option, Trust Centre, Add-Ins, Save directory options, Language Setting, Quick access toolbar
Security options in excel
  • Protecting the worksheet, Protecting the workbooks, Sharing the workbook, Allow users to edit ranges
Microsoft Excel VBA
  • Introduction to VBA, VBA IDE, Getting Started With Macro, Fundamentals of VBA Language, Control Flow & Loops Statements, Using VBA and Worksheet Functions, Working with Dialog Boxes and Form Objects, Handling Errors, The Excel Object Model, Arrays, The Application Object, Data Lists

FAQsAdvanced MS Excel Training Course in Bangalore FAQs

Investing in an advanced MS Excel course can boost your career prospects. Employers value employees with strong Excel skills for data analysis and reporting.

Yes, the need for Excel-proficient professionals has grown as businesses rely more on data-driven decision-making. Employers seek individuals who can leverage Excel’s features to organize, analyze, and interpret complex data.

Absolutely! Excel expertise is a marketable skill for lucrative freelance or side hustle opportunities on online platforms.

While the basics can be learned quickly, mastering Excel’s advanced capabilities typically requires around 40 hours of dedicated study and practice.

Excel can be challenging for beginners, but the key is to approach it step-by-step. With persistence, even those new to Excel can develop the necessary skills.

Excel’s versatility in data organization, calculation, and analysis makes it indispensable. Employers value employees who can leverage Excel for data-driven decision-making.

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