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Azure DevOps Training In Bangalore

Experience The Transformative Power of Azure DevOps Training in Bangalore And Take Your Cloud Skills To New Heights.

Azure DevOps Training In BangaloreBecome A Cloud Professional And Manage Projects With Expertise

Azure DevOps training in Bangalore unlocks the full potential of cloud-based application development and deployment with our Azure DevOps Training course. The Azure DevOps training program is more than just learning; it’s about transforming your career. You’ll experience firsthand the power of Azure DevOps tools and practices, which are pivotal in modern cloud environments. Our trainers are industry veterans with years of practical experience, ready to pass on their valuable insights to you. Azure DevOps training course is ideal for IT professionals, software developers, system administrators, and any technology enthusiasts who wish to excel in the cloud computing arena. Enhance your performance, productivity, and career prospects with high-quality, hands-on training that makes a difference. 

Why You Should Enroll in Azure DevOps Training in Bangalore at RIA Institute?

  1. Experienced Instructors: Industry professionals with over 5 years of experience in Microsoft Azure and DevOps serve as trainers at RIA Institute Bangalore. They ensure that experts who are well-versed in both theoretical and practical aspects of Azure DevOps deliver the training.
  2. Comprehensive Course Content: RIA Institute’s Azure DevOps training syllabus details and aligns with current industry standards, covering a wide range of topics from basic DevOps principles to advanced areas such as Kubernetes, Continuous Integration (CI), and Continuous Deployment (CD) using Azure technologies. The institute designs this comprehensive curriculum to equip students with the necessary skills to handle real-world challenges in DevOps environments.
  3. Practical Exposure and Real-Time Scenarios: The training methodology at RIA emphasizes practical exposure. Students work on real-time scenarios, which help them understand how Azure DevOps functions in business settings. This hands-on approach is crucial for mastering the application of DevOps tools and practices.
  4. Placement Assistance: Ria Institute provides placement assistance to its students, which is a significant advantage for those looking to start or advance their careers in DevOps. The institute’s strong industry connections and active placement cell help students find relevant job opportunities.
  5. Positive Reviews and Ratings: Ria Institute has received positive feedback from past students who have praised the quality of instruction and the relevance of the course content. Such testimonials reflect the institute’s commitment to delivering quality education and training.

Azure DevOps Training in Bangalore Curriculum

Module Topics
Understanding Cloud Computing and Azure
  • Benefits and features of cloud computing
  • Types of cloud services: PaaS, SaaS, IaaS
  • Cloud trends, public and private cloud principles
  • Parallel and distributed computing
  • Virtualization architecture
  • Overview of Microsoft Azure, Azure platform, Azure Resource Manager, and using the Azure Portal
CI/CD Process Using VSTS and Azure
  • Task creation based on the application repository
  • CI process build setup
  • Environment setup
  • Authentication to Azure Web service
  • Failover mechanisms and load balancing
  • Cluster creation for load balancing
  • Continuous integration setup, test cases build, build alerts, and alerts configuration
Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions
  • Planning for DevOps
  • Using source control, scaling Git for an enterprise
  • Consolidating artifacts, designing a dependency management strategy
  • Managing secrets, implementing continuous integration
  • Container build strategy, release strategy, release management workflow
  • Deployment patterns, and optimizing feedback mechanisms
Microsoft DevOps Engineer Exam Syllabus Topics
  • Configuring processes and communications
  • Designing and implementing source control
  • Building and release pipelines
  • Developing a security and compliance plan
  • Implementing an instrumentation strategy
Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Technologies such as Terraform or Ansible for IaC implementation
  • Creating infrastructure on Azure with Terraform
DevOps Culture
  • Building a DevOps culture within an organization
  • Challenges in development and deployment of software
  • Improving efficiency in development and deployment processes
Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions Certification Exam
  • The exam measures ability to configure processes and communications, design and implement source control, build and release pipelines, develop a security and compliance plan, and implement an instrumentation strategy

FAQsAzure DevOps Training in Bangalore FAQs

You can start learning DevOps in two months if you already possess basic skills in Linux administration and networking. However, fully becoming an Azure DevOps engineer typically requires about six months, following a specific learning path. This career development does not occur overnight.

In India, the salary for an Azure DevOps Engineer varies from ₹ 4.0 Lakhs to ₹ 11.5 Lakhs, with an average annual salary of ₹ 7.0 Lakhs. This salary data, which has very high confidence, reflects a large number of recent salaries.

While Azure DevOps includes some coding, it primarily focuses on enhancing processes, collaboration, and automation within software development and IT operations. Coding plays a crucial role in developing automation scripts and tools but represents only one facet of DevOps.

DevOps engineering is highly suitable for beginners, as it ranks among the top 25 in-demand skills worldwide according to LinkedIn’s Upskill Report. This demand means that beginners with the necessary skills have numerous job opportunities.

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